Artist Release Name
Billy Bogus presents The Caribbean House Billy Bogus presents The Caribbean House (Buy LP)
The Beat Broker Back To Business (Buy LP)
Lord Funk Global Warming (Buy LP)
Fernando Float (Buy LP)
Max Essa Won Ton Sunrise (Buy LP)
The Beat Broker Limited Time (Buy LP)
The Bank Upper Class (Buy CD)
Soiree Let's Play Tennis (Buy CD)
Ilija Rudman The Reveal
Bottin Punica Fides (Buy CD)
Blakula Paint It Red (Buy CD)
Peter Visti Illusions In A Twisted Mind (Buy CD)
Blakula Back From Mystery City (Buy CD)
Various Artists Rools For Rules 2 (Buy CD)
Clap Rules Golden Hands (Buy CD)
Tobor Experiment Disco Experience Tobor Experiment Disco Experience (Buy CD)
Peter Visti Love Is The Key (Buy CD)
Various Artists Hibernation 2 (Buy CD)
Various Artists The World Of Progressive Disco (Buy CD)
Blakula Permanent Midnight (Buy CD)
Max Essa White Shoes Blue Dreams (Buy CD)
Visti & Meyland Visti and Meyland (Buy CD)
Kotey Extra Band Full Length (Buy CD)
Roberto Auser Secret Carnaval (Buy CD)
Stevie Kotey And Max Essa Present Soiree Zim Zim Zah Zah (Buy CD)
Bottin Horror Disco (Buy CD)
Various Artists Hibernation vol 1 (Buy CD)
Max Essa Continental Drift (Buy CD)
Arturo Capone Miocuore (Buy CD)
The Diaphanoids Astral Weekend (Buy CD)
Various Artists Rools For Rules (Buy CD)
Altz Yell (Buy CD)
Matt Kenny My Malaise EP
Billy Bogus presents The Caribbean House Gong Bong (Buy 12)
Visti & Meyland Yes M'aam
Bottin Parody & Progresso
The Beat Broker Tower of Power
Bottin, Ft. Steve Strange Poison Within
The Beat Broker Deep Breath
Max Essa Coast to Coast
The Bank Lagos Tahoe
Max Essa Won Ton Sunrise
Fernando Decadence
King DJ Galactic Playmate EP
Tobor Experiment Disco Experience The Remix Experience
Clap Rules The Golden Remixes
Lasertom And The Blast Crew Two Sides EP
Max Essa Midnight And Dub Direction
Blakula Permanent Midnight (The Library Versions Vol 1)
Visti & Meyland Leave Your Worries
Max Essa White Shoes Blue Dreams
Visti & Meyland Stars
King DJ Attack Of The Killer Monks EP
Ilija Rudman Soul Embrace
Roberto Auser And Alden Tyrell Blondes And Brunettes
Kotey Extra Band And Bottin Hot Ring
Bottin Horror Disco Album Sampler
Bottin Disco For The Devil
Various Artists Hibernation Album Sampler
Social Disco Club And Maia The Way You Move
Soiree Introducing Soiree EP
Junji Masayama Green Circle EP
Max Essa Drive Time
Ilija Rudman Dance Disorder
Lusty Zanzibar For My Friends EP
Ulysses And Filipsson The Endless EP
Fratelli Riviera Riviera's Boogie
Tobor Experiment Disco Experience Disco Moog EP
Arturo Capone Miocuora Album Sampler
Max Essa Back To The Beach EP
The Diaphanoids Mermaids Of Lunaris EP
Sankt Goran Back2Back & Angel Babe The Tin Man
Kotey And Mammarella Love Sprinkle, Tits & Assets
Salon De L'Herbe Let's Hold Hands & Mirage
Dubious Done Did It
Nick Chacona A Cambria Heights Affair & Lucidia
Fabrizio Mammarella Triangle Of Love & Allunaggio
Kotey Extra Band Feat. Chaz Jankel Sooner Or Later
Brennan Green Pluto's Retreat & Piston Fiston
Lexx Sirocco
Altz Yell - The LP Sampler
Idjut Boys Laisn
Zwicker Meets James Teipdeck Vol. 1
Oorutaichi Misen Gymnastics (Ext. Version)
Copyshop And Fabrizio Mammarella Mystery Guest & Tear Up
Lordy The Watchtower
Nick Chacona Angel Dust Swan Dive & Being "There"
Secret Stealth The Ted Rodgers EP
Altz Easy Amigo EP
Brennan Green Maple Leaf Madness EP
Stevie Kotey 4 in 1 EP
Todd Terje And Akwaaba Bodies & Boozefinger
Idjut Boys Daily Dose
DJ Kent In The Bush (Theo Parrish Remix)
Fuzz Against Junk Country Clonk
Ray Mang Big Bambu
DJ Kent In The Bush
Foolish & Sly Rainfalls
The Diaphanoids Where Were You In 5079?
Arturo Capone Svolvaer & Rego-dancer
Goat Dance Goat Dance
Goat Dance In The System
Max Essa The Midnight Garden EP
Michoacan Play Your Part EP
Goat Dance Sizzle
Lordy Off With His Head
Matt Kenny The Stay
Lindstrom Plague The Kid 2
Stevie Kotey The Buttocks
Lindstrom Plague The Kid
All Good Funk Alliance Duke, Mr. Parker & Spinner
Mudd Dougs Video Shop
Akwaaba The Mysterious Cities Of Delay
Various Artists Bear Essentials