Ilija Rudman

Long time underground innovator Illja Rudman returns with "Sagittarii", a fourth fantastic studio album and his second on Bearfunk.

As boss of both Red Music and Imogen Recordings, as well as being a skilled DJ and diverse producer, Rudman has been an integral part of dance music for years. The Croatian effortlessly veers from electro to disco to house with his own colourful sense of melody and club-ready grooves and has done so on more than 70 releases on labels like Classic, Rong, Electric Minds and Is It Balearic Recordings. This superb new album lands just a year after his last, "Paradigma", and is another subtle evolution in his style but one that continues to deal in authentic analogue textures with flashes of throwback funk and disco gold and a slick sense of boogie.

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Rikky Disco
Getting High

Rikky Disco was born during the summer of 2018 when Chris Tall & Fanacy met through their mutual manager Rikky. They both liked him so much that they named their band after him. Chris Tall from Stockholm is a disco fanatic who selected his artist name based on his notable height. Chris is a time traveller and delights in manoeuvres throughout time and space to dig out cherished dance music memories, blending them with today's rhythm, making honest, bouncy and darn right funky music. The other half of Rikky Disco is Fanacy who coined her artist name based on an expression that she made up which refers to the drives in her creative universe: "FANACY: A feeling of unbridled thirst for passion, flow and fantasy. A state in which the being seems to be engulfed in a whirlpool of lust". Fanacy is also Swedish, but spends a lot of her time writing in France, a place she loves. She also loves French disco vibes which via osmosis have been deeply embedded into her sound.