Peter Visti
"Illusions In A Twisted Mind"

Peter Visti comes back to the fold with his second album on Bearfunk, entitled 'Illusions In A Twisted Mind.'

Peter, born and bred in Denmark earn't his stripes in the late 80's and early 90's as a DJ, Producer and Club Promoter at the cooler venues around Europe, spreading his unique brand of weird Disco and Balearic love the world over - From Tokyo, to London, via New York and Barcelona.
The record kicks off with 'My Advice' a track based around the simple message: be yourself. There's a melting pot of influences here; lurking string sections, funked up bass, and strange synth articulations make it a special starter.
The title track follows with its seemingly effortless rhythms and lingering string phrases setting the scene. This leads into a winding, subdued leftfield disco track that oozes class. 'Des Reves Presque Pasreille' is up next, ramping up the tempo slightly with it's hard hitting snares and bongo lines. The bass is stern and funky on this one, eased down only by the luscious French vocal wisps and piano chords.
'Besos' takes us further up-beat with the first conventional arp line on the record, and what a pleasant contrast. The beats are tough, stomping and rampant, and the vocal cuts add a crisp new dimension. 'Can You Feel It' delivers rolling percussion and bass underneath contemplative keys and sultry vocal lines. Balaeric Disco for cold Scandinavian nights!
'Among Angels' introduces some classical guitar to the mix, leading to sharp piano stabs at the drop over a walking beat and string overtones. Super atmospheric stuff! 'Bring Back The Love' takes us into twilight dance territory once again, with solid disco-house patterns, pulsing organ riffs and a natural piano tinkering overhead, before the vocal sample fill the space with organic chic.
'Change Of Life' finishes things off in fine style; again it's effortlessly done, never overworked and always with that lingering essence of 'cool' that all good disco should have.

All songs created & produced by Peter Visti.
Vokals by Puk Lykke, Karoline Gro Budtz Christensen & Peter Visti.
Spanish Guitar on Among Angels By Jakob Meyland.
Lead Guitar On Change Of Life by Thomas Borghus.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2012 Bearfunk

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