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The Beat Broker
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The Beat Broker was born in 1975 and raised in Southern California. His earliest musical influences include radio synth pop and soon after, mid-80s hip-hop by such artists as Eric B. & Rakim and EPMD. It's these production styles of sampling, updating and remixing that would later become a huge influence on his own work.

Working at the local college radio station in the late 90s launched the next chapter of his musical interests. The vast music library opened the door to a variety of electronic music and led to the late-night experimental soundscape show called 'WIRETAP' which became the first step into DJing and studio time. With production partner Ryan Fitzgerald, the two decided to record their sessions and eventually have a studio of their own. They later became Broker/Dealer and have released music on labels such as ASPHODEL, SPECTRAL, TRAUM and SENTRALL.

The Beat Broker began DJing outside of the bedroom in 2001 playing everything from German minimal techno to classic 80s electro to italo disco. As part of Broker/Dealer, the duo created a monthly/weekly party in San Francisco called 'POP', which in its 5 years, had hosted many popular acts ranging from Erland Oye, Brennan Green and Tako/Loud-E. To create just the right mood, the Beat Broker began to make edits, remixes and even original tracks to mix into the night. From slower "cosmic" music for the beginning of the night to up-tempo synthesizer based crowd pleasers for the peak hours. These productions later became completed works and have been released on labels such as BEAR FUNK, FLEXX, DISQUES SINTHOMME, GHOST TOWN, ADULT CONTEMPORARY and SENTRALL. In the past few years the Broker has been up late working in his office producing and remixing for Eskimo, Is It Balearic?, Rebirth, Emerald & Doreen, Voltaire and Internasjonal to name a few. While continuing to make remixes and original tracks, the Beat Broker is constantly attempting to fuse old sounds with new ideas and create something for the crowd as well as the listener.

Releases: BFK061: The Beat Broker : Deep Breath
BFK063: The Beat Broker : Tower of Power
BFKLP025: The Beat Broker : Limited Time (Buy LP)
BFKLP033: The Beat Broker : Back To Business (Buy LP)
BFK068: The Beat Broker : Flexxibility
Tracks: The Beat Broker : Deep Breath
The Beat Broker : Deep Breath (Gemini Brothers Remix) (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Tower of Power
The Beat Broker : Tower of Power (The Main Stem Remix) (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Hold Your Horses (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Come Back to Me (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Beat To The Street (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Deep Breath
The Beat Broker : Make It Happen (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : High Life (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Summer In A Day (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Departure (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Believe It (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : New Visions (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Rolling Thunder (Buy Download)
The Beat Broker : Flexxibility (Extended Mix) (Buy Download)
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