Fabrizio Mammarella

Fabrizio Mammarella
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Italian DJ and producer.

Musician in Clap Rules and Telespazio; a producer who works solo and also with his partner in crime Philipp Lauer in their project Black Spuma; runs a record label Slow Motion (which just recently gave birth to its sub label Wrong Era, both of whose names communicate their intent), and before all else he is a dj (fun fact: Vinyl is his favourite format).

Releases: BFK015: Copyshop & Fabrizio Mammarella : Mystery Guest & Tear Up
BFK023: Fabrizio Mammarella : Triangle Of Love & Allunaggio
BFK027: Kotey & Mammarella : Love Sprinkle, Tits & Assets
Tracks: Kotey & Mammarella : Love Sprinkle (Original) (Buy Download)
Kotey & Mammarella : Tits & Assets (Original) (Buy Download)