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Rikky Disco was born during the summer of 2018 when Chris Tall & Fanacy met through their mutual manager Rikky. Chris Tall (AKA Christian Jonson) is a disco fanatic who selected his artist name based on his notable height. Chris started out his musical endeavour by surprising teachers at school, overwriting set homework with perfect improvisation. Into adulthood he was driven by the need to put colour and zest back into popular music. He’s gone back in time and space to dig out dance music memories, combined with today’s rhythm, making honest, bouncing and unique sounding music. Chris Tall has produced the tracks: ‘Lucy’, ‘Morning Golden Sunrise’ and ‘Weekend’, which have been streamed well over a million times on Spotify, as well as on Swedish and British radio channels. The other half of RIKKY DISCO is Fanacy (AKA Fanny Wahlqvist), who coined her artist name based on an expression that she made up which refers to the drives in her creative universe: "FANACY: A feeling of unbridled thirst for passion, flow and fantasy. A state in which the being seems to be engulfed in a whirlpool of lust". She started out as an artist and songwriter, and later ventured towards DJing and production. Fanacy spends a lot of her time writing in France, a place she loves and connects with, and Corsica. Over the years, she has attended several festivals in Corsica to collect inspiration for her artistic projects, and the French disco vibes are deeply embedded into her sound. She has released songs such as: “I Just Feel Like Dancing”, “Share our blood” and “Haha Wawa” which she also produced, and which became the theme song of the feminist short film ”Svajpa Leo” by Isabel Lindström. When these two musos met, their two lost planets aligned and started creating something out of this world; thanks to Rikky, Disco just got reborn! Rikky Disco are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and the duo make Nu-Disco tunes with a slice of pop or progressive house. They are now releasing their long-awaited very first single: “Getting High”!

Releases: BFK069: Rikky Disco : Getting High
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Rikky Disco : Getting High (Kim & Buran Electrohigh Remix) (Buy Download)
Rikky Disco : Getting High (Ichisan Boogie Mix) (Buy Download)
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