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The Diaphanoids
"Mermaids Of Lunaris EP"

Hello Earthlings, The Diaphanoids as humans are known as Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari.

They did not arrive on your earth in normal circumstances. Whilst time travel seems like a distant dream on your earth, here on planet diaphanoid time travelling is a fun way to spend the weekend. We often go back to yesteryear and sometimes we even go forward to adjust some future discrepancies.
But these two took it too far! They always wanted more and to see if the grass was greener on other planets! This was against our wishes and way of life so we gave them a choice, Take the time machine to other planets but don't come back as we need not know how others live.
They left us in 5079 and have never been seen since, legend has it they travelled to your earth and visited 1977-1980, Berlin-Munich-London-Paris-New York.
Diaphanoids found a love for a noise you call music and began to deliver their own unique blend of spaced-out disco astro rock.
Offerings were sent to one Hans Peter Lindstrom in Oslo and he in turn handed the secret tapes to Bearfunk's Stevie Kotey. He was truly mesmerised by there approach and duly signed them. The rest is history..... or is it the future?

Written & Produced by Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2008 Bearfunk

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