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Fratelli Riviera
"Riviera's Boogie"

Thank the lord for the Italians!

Thank the lord for the Italians! The cars, the food, the music, the clothes, they continue to be the No1 pleasure providers for the world.
"Riviera's Boogie" has the production of a seasoned pro, but the power packed dub disco workout is actually one of Michele Tessadri (Fratelli Riviera) first ever productions. Brought to the attention of Stevie Kotey via DJ History's very own Bill Brewster, "Riviera's Boogie" became a must have for the Bear.
Riviera's Boogie is the blueprint for the dub disco sound of now! Everything is right the drums, the synths and the bloodthirsty bassline which make compulsive listening for lovers of Fabrizio Mammrealla, Idjuts and Chicken Lips sounds.
We needed a special remix to compliment the original so we roped in the chicken lipped Dean Meredith aka GOAT DANCE to dust down his 808 and turn out a deep electronic remix that will have you getting the lino out and busting a move.

Written & Produced by Michele Tessadri.
Remix by Dean Meredith for Goat Dance at the Rogue Cat studio in space.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2008 Bearfunk

1. Riviera's Boogie
2. Riviera's Boogie [Goat Dance Phazer Gun Dub] Buy Track ( 0.94)