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The Bank
"Lagos Tahoe"

Featuring remixes from Leftside Wobble, Al Kent, Frank Agrario and Mushrooms Project.

It is with great pleasure from us here at Bearfunk that we can return to you avid listeners the funk driven maestros that are The Bank. The trio return to us with the first single from 'Upper Class' - 'Lagos Tahoe'. If you are a fan of their last album (and we know there were a lot of you!) then you know of the gentle brilliance that Lagos Tahoe delivered and this single will not disappoint. Featuring remixes from Leftside Wobble, Al Kent, Frank Agrario and Mushrooms Project it has already shaped up into a corker of a release.
The original mix kicks off with melodic patterns carefully deciphered harmonies that stimulate the mind as much as the ears. The dub-like rolling bass riff is contrasted by those flicks of afro edged guitar and you're reminded all over again as to why you love The Bank.
The Leftside Wobble remix is a more full bodied, clubby affair. Exemplfying that catchy riff, you are carried by the organic flow as twinges of acid synth drop in from over head and deliver the twisted potential every good wobble should come with. Al Kent - A disco legend from the north has brought an up rated 'kick up the backside' remix, with its powerfull textures and encompassing vibe this remix has summer time party written all over it.
Frank Agrario (one third of The Bank) has gone for the 'strip it back and reconstruct' tactics with his remix, utilising some of the less prominent sounds and driving them forward with a new funky bass line, this remix is a great twist in the tale to this solid release. Mushrooms Project are old friends of Bearfunk and it is always exciting to have them up for remix duty, their remix goes deep and cosmic and creates yet another twist for the single, progressive synths crossed with the hints of afro grow and swirl together throughout the mix and really put you on the final run home for this brilliant single.

The Bank are: Domenico Loparco : Bass.
Emanuele Zullo : Guitar.
Francesco Brini : Drums, Percussions , Keyboards and Vocals.
Diego Occhiali : Percussion on Lagos Tahoe.
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Frank Agrario at Green Chile Studio, Incline Village (NV) USA & Spectrum Studio Bologna Italy. Original Mastered by Mike Marsh @ The Exchange London.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2013 Bearfunk

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