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Visti & Meyland
"Visti and Meyland"

Visti & Meyland's self titled debut album is a result of their 7-year journey together. We love it.

In 2003, Visti & Meyland teamed up through friends and immediately found out that they shared a mutual passion for creating music. Their love of music has spawned several 12" on labels such as Warner, Music for Dreams and Eskimo. This is all very spiffing, however it is their slightly quirky, spanner-in-the-works take on things that really attracted us to the Danish paring. Their broad musical heads and certain sense of humour in their music dovetails ever so nicely with our own wacky take on the world here at Bearfunk towers.
Visti & Meyland's self titled debut album is a result of their 7-year journey together. We love it. You've probably already heard one of its lead tracks, "Yes Maam(All Nite)". It slyly samples some US archive negro spiritual recordings and spins them a minimalist electro disco groove. Recent single "Stars" also takes a starring role with its epic extended "prog-disco" build up and rousing Russian-cold-war-navy-style chorus.
The future single "Leave Your Worries" has a great dose of positivity with dance floor groove and zany lyrical musings. The floor friendly "Diggy Dang" also adds to the up-tempo groove quotient to the LP. Of course there is the obligatory cover version on the album; Grace Jones' "Nightclubbing" is the subject here, a fine quirky disco re-take.
Both Visti & Meyland being Gemini's the vibe in the studio can become fairly tense and sometimes result in hour-long discussions on music, music history, musical taste and life in general. This feeds down to the varied set of tunes. Tracks such as "Something In The Way", "Slowly" and "I'm Scared" explore the more introspective, down-tempo and thoughtful side to the pairing. Epics such as "The Chair" detail the breadth of influences and the vast musical silos the pair can draw from. All in all 10 thoroughly well constructed songs.

Created by Visti & Meyland.
All songs written by Visti & Meyland exept Nighthclubbing written by David Bowie & Iggy Pop.
All Instruments by Visti & Meyland.
All Vocals by Visti & Meyland except Ling Ly vocals on: The Chair, Nightclubbing, I'm Scared and The Power of Poking. Karoline Gro Budtz Christensen vocals on Slowly. Mette Skytte Meyland vocals on Something in The Way.
Bosax plays sax on Slowly.
Recorded by Peter Visti & Jakob Meyland, recorded at Motorcity Studio, mixed by Visti & Meyland.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2010 Bearfunk

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