Clap Rules
"Golden Hands"

The Bearfunk bandwagon just keeps rolling!

Not content with providing some of the best moments in Leftfield dance we again head back to Italy so Clap Rules can show us their "Golden Hands"
Clap Rules is the new pseudonym of Fabrizio Mammarella, Andrea Gabriele and Max Leggieri: who in their own words "make experiments with dance music"
After well received EP's for labels like Tiny Sticks & Dissident and remixes for DFA artist Michoacan, New York's In Flagranti and French electronic music pioneer Etienne De Crecy. They have caught the attention of DJ's and music lovers from many different scenes.
With a deep love for vintage equipment and recording techniques they mix this up with a fresh modern approach to concoct electronic music with no boundaries, which in itself is what Bearfunk is all about, so this marriage was made in heaven.
We lift off with "Silver Mountains" a beautiful bouncy p-funk excursion which features guest vocals from "Marco Mazzei" with his intense call to "return to me" Marco also features on "Get Excited" another lo slung ditty which is drenched in da funk and also calls on the talents of Geoff Warren who adds flute and alto sax to the mix. Elsewhere we have the pure mayhem of "Pericoloso" a glitchy percussive jam made for the night. "Golden Hands" the title track from the LP is a sparkling Rhodes led gem of ambient bliss, perfect for summer cruising on the Yacht.
More late night heads down moments can be found on "Azzardo" Geoff Warren also add his magic to "Approccio" yet more off kilter fuzz made for the club and more proof of the versatility of this unique 3 piece. Golden Hands is available on all formats with a stunning design from Andrea Di Cesare so make sure you don't miss out on the lovely vinyl double pack. With a rather splendid live show it seems that Clap Rules will be ones the watch in 2011

All tracks written and produced by Andrea Gabriele, Massimiliano Leggieri, Fabrizio Mammarella. Artwork by Andrea Di Cesare.
Vocals on "Silver mountains" and "Get excited" by Marco Mazzei.
Flute and alto sax on "Approccio" and "Get excited" by Geoff Warren.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2011 Bearfunk

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