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The Beat Broker
"Limited Time"

Another scoop here at Bearfunk mansions, we are proud to present the debut LP from San Fran's finest The Beat Broker.

The Beat Broker or Ryan Bishop (to his folks) is born and raised in southern California. Currently residing in San Francisco, he has been big influence around globe sharing his sunshine sound in many different guises.
With early production partner Ryan Fitzgerald they recorded as Broker/Dealer and released on sought after labels like Spectral, Traum and Sentrall. They ran a longstanding club night in SF called POP so Ryan began to make edits, new productions and remixes to integrate into the night. Starting out with slower sleazy cosmic jams for the beginning of the night, then up tempo synthesizer crowd pleasers for the early morning. These productions found their way onto records via labels like Flexx, Disques Sinthomme and more recently Adult Contemporary.
So what is the Beat Broker sound? Well Ryan likes to fuse old with new to create a refreshing style of his own, deeply electronic and emotional. If you were gliding through deep space on a trip to the sun this would be the soundtrack! Take "High Life" which is a slow sleazy does it smokers delight! "Energy" is a synth laden peach of a track, soulful and icy at the same time! "Departure" & "Believe It" is a nod in the direction of the Italo sound that N.I.O.A did so well.
Elsewhere "Beat to the Street" and "Deep Breath" elegantly faze in and out of consciousness like the first taste of ecstasy. This is one contagious LP with a feel good feeling from start to finish.
Raise your glasses for The Beat Broker!

All tracks written and produced by Ryan Bishop.
Recorded at Dream Chimney Headquarters SF (2011-12).
Published by Dharma Songs.
Art Direction & Design by
(P) & (C) 2013 Bearfunk

1. Beat To The Street Buy Track ( 0.94)
2. Deep Breath
3. Make It Happen Buy Track ( 0.94)
4. High Life Buy Track ( 0.94)
5. Summer In A Day Buy Track ( 0.94)
6. Departure Buy Track ( 0.94)
7. Believe It Buy Track ( 0.94)
8. New Visions Buy Track ( 0.94)
9. Rolling Thunder Buy Track ( 0.94)

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