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BFK057: Fernando : Decadence

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Upon the first listen, the work of Fernando unfolds directly on your brain and leaves a long lasting feeling of drama.

Fernando Pulichino is one those lucky guys who can pick up any instrument and write songs without breaking a sweat.
He first caught my attention with a remake of the Bauhaus classic "Kick in the Eye" released on Redux in 2008. He then backed up this great start with releases and remixes for labels like International Feel, Under the Shade, Internasjonal and Nang. He also very busy touring as part of the 2020 Soundsystem band and he is also in Silver City with Julian Sanza.
We decided to put together a long player to highlight the talents of our man in Buenos Aires. The construction of "Float" reveals an astonishing wealth of musical ideas, brazen touches of new wave and icy modern disco sounds are evident throughout. Low slung basses are also a theme that runs right through "Float" whether it's the opening song "A Place" which has a monster electronic bottom end or "From out there" which sits firmly on the punk funk dinner table; bass lines are clearly important to Fernando.
Title track "Float" is yet another example of Fernando's gift of combining textures and melody in simple variations. "Decadance" was made for the DJ and this is something I've witnessed firsthand! This track blows the dance floor into smithereens. Dance reaction is very important to Fernando; he was very keen to make an LP that would be just as important to DJ's as it was to music lovers. I personally think he has done and more! Listening to this LP is a real treat.
The combination of styles makes an irresistible listen. Rhythmic inspiration and sharply defined melodies is a trademark of a man on top of his game!

Written, Produced & Performed by Fernando Pulichino.
All instruments & vocals by Fernando Pulichino.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2013 Bearfunk

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