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Sankt Goran
"Back2Back & Angel Babe The Tin Man"

An instant monotony of layered melodies and a rusty hinge on the door to dance music is the music of Sankt Goran.

Gothenburg is Sweden's second biggest city, a port town built by hardworking sailors known for its art schools afterparties, militant pop bands and pretentious jazz. It's also where the most forward looking Swedish music is made.
Naturally, Gothenburg was the first Swedish city to pick up on new Scandinavian disco and made sure its citizens danced to it. While the rest of the country slept in a haze of unknowledge, names like Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, Todd Terje and Metro Area were regular guests on the Gothenburg club scene.
In the middle of this was Sankt Goran.
Born and raised in Falun - a small town most known for cross country skiing and its old copper mine Goran Dahlstrom fell in love with pop music in his early teenage years. Like every ordinary Swedish teen he rumbled around in different pop constellations before Kerri Chandler and Sylvester danced in and replaced former indie heroes on his record shelf.
Not yet old enough to enter bars in Falun, Goran was already spinning at several clubs and bars. In 2001 he started to play regularly at Banken Bar & Brasserie, a spot that's been the heart of Falun's alternative music scene since the mid nineties.
Pretty soon Falun felt too small and Goran headed south-west to Gothenburg to form the deep house/disco combo Hermanos with his older brother Jonas. Together with other local djs, Qlint, EdEd and JayStarSeven, they made sure to constantly renew the sound of every endlessly long Gothenburg club night. The scene they created influenced bands such as The Studio to leave their guitar-based ground and fly into discophrenia. It made people grunt about self absorbed djs, when in fact it was always about finding new ways to define and transmit dance music.
Goran's first track Back 2 Back (yep, it's his first production ever) instantly gained love from Japanese blogs as well as New York's WFMUs Beats In Space and made Stevie Kotey reach out from Bear Funks headquarters, and sign him up for two 12-inches and an album.
This sent Goran back to his room, trying to compose pop music with the city nightlife of slow house music screaming for attention outside his window. This sound of sinners, of dirty concrete floors in packed afterpartys, of equally hung over and energetic pulse and a never ending struggle to play and make music that doesn't kick you in the face, but force you to stop, listen and get caught in the groove. An instant monotony of layered melodies and a rusty hinge on the door to dance music is the music of Sankt Goran.

Written & Produced by Goran Dahlstrom.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2007 Bearfunk

1. Back2Back
2. Angel Babe The Tin Man Buy Track ( 0.94)