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Tobor Experiment Disco Experience
"Disco Moog EP"

Every now & then we get some music sent to us at Bear towers that makes us stand still & say "what the *%£k is this?"

We had that feeling when the first Lindstrom's came in or the Diaphanoids beautiful sounds and now we have that lovely feeling again with the music of Giorgio Sancristoforo aka Tobor Disco Experience.
Like the whole bear team Giorgio can't seem to move on from the 70's. Obsessed with the instruments of Bob Moog, Vocoders, Alan Parsons and the cult sci-fi series Space 1999 he was obviously born in the wrong decade.
Disco Moog has already been used on the rools for rules compilation earlier this year and had many beards twitching at the thought of not having this on vinyl, Shooting star is a more up-tempo affair with blissful chords, slap bass, disco handclaps and Gio's trademark vocoder. I feel loved is a personal favourite of Stevie Kotey with anthem written all over it. This awesome clavinet workout has such a good vibe about it you can't help feeling nothing but loved. It could easy be mistaken for Alan Hawkshaw super rare Bruton library track. GammaGamma is an obvious nod to the great Alan Parsons' Mamma Gamma'. Gio makes his own interpretation though and once again he uses the vocoder in such a beautiful way that you want more.

Written and Produced by Giorgio Sancristoforo aka Tobor Experiment.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2008 Bearfunk

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