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"Permanent Midnight"

Blakula is a black vampire born in Haiti, hibernated in Transylvania and defrosted in New York City.

It's 1977. After living for too long among the humans Blakula starts to enjoy life to the full, even its darkest aspects. Gradually Blakula becomes more human than normal people and starts behaving and 'feeling' like them. So Blakula posed for Robert Mapplethorpe's camera, wrote poems with William Burroughs, shared spray cans and brushes with Jean Michel Basquiat, jammed with Miles Davis and the Velvet Underground, starred in David Lynch's movies, danced at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol, dated Vanessa Del Rio and Joe Dallesandro, got addicted to heavy drugs and alcohol, experimented any possible erotic fantasy, partied hard, tasted the bright lights, learned the language of pimps and derelicts, lived in baroque palaces and shooting galleries, became more human than human then got crushed by the city sickness.
The Blakula soundtrack was created at an undetermined period in time by Simon Maccari and Andrea Bellentani (also known as 'The Diaphanoids'). The music is both unique and at the same time 'classic'. Musical touchstones range from funk, seventies' disco, psychedelia, avant-garde, no-wave vibe, cinematic atmospheric sounds, nightclub sleazy jazz to slow-mo bluesy grooves. Every track on the album has been played by real musicians, orchestral ensembles and choirs.
At Bearfunk we often step foot outside the boundaries of the normal and decry fiscal sanity. Blakula is one such step; a miniature suburban gothic funk/voodoo disco/slasher-thriller-giallo movie, soundtrack opera. Welcome Blakula's 'Permanent Midnight', an album that is a bitter and desperate ride through the alienated landscapes of a city's darkness.

Composed, arranged and produced by Marco 'Simon' Maccari and Andrea Bellentani.
Recorded at Telecine Studio Rome, Sound Di Ripetta Rome, Hausmonik Studio Rome, 2006-2010.
Final recordings, mixed and mastered at Peak Studio Italy.
Musicians: Cristiano Alberghini, Alessio Alberghini, Carlo Apolloni, Wilko Zanni, Amos Amaranti, Mirko Tagliazucchi, Davide Vicari, Italo Satti, Renato Castoldi, Vittorio Schifani, Alfredo Pasquini, Gi?² Mazzini, Francesco Luberti, Roberto Grechi, Paolo Antonelli, Mauro Sica, Patrizio Moro, Aldo Amici, Ennio Fiorini.
Cristiano Alberghini: orchestral arrangements.
Mario Sehtl: solo violin on 'urrender To The Shadows' and 'Blood Supreme'.
Strings Ensembles: 'I Modernissimi', Schema Sinfonietta, Giovane Accademia d'Archi Roma.
Brass Ensembles: Sax & Co., Fiati Reali, Little Big Horns.
Voices: Baba Yaga Choir, Domus Cantorum, Antonella Delli Colli.
Cover Illustration and artwork by Dona Coristi.
Lyrics by Andrea Bellentani.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2010 Bearfunk

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